What to Look for In Hotel Gun Safes

Travelling means staying in hotels and having to abide by their in-house policies. However, there are times when guests have special needs or requests to be able to book a hotel room. One of these special requests is carrying firearms inside their hotel room for safety purposes. Some hotel rooms in Ireland allow their guests to carry their guns with them provided that they keep it inside their gun safes at all times.

Guns are considered as an investment because they can be very expensive. Because of this, a gun owner will require a high quality gun safe to store their guns in. If you are a gun owner and is planning to travel in Ireland, you may want to consider some points when choosing a quality gun safe.

Check for a thick solid steel door and walls

It’s very important that you choose a safe made with steel walls and doors of a specific thickness. You always want to make sure that your gun is safe from burglars and cannot be opened even by force. No matter how many protection features the safe has, if it fails in this area, it’s still not very reliable. The thickness of the steel door should at least be ½ inches thick for the door and the walls. Steel is expensive and heavy which is the reason why manufacturers are trying to substitute it with other materials. Try to look for the product description and see if the manufacturer lists the material used for their safes as solid steel. You should also be careful of sellers that only list the door thickness but not the material used to make it.

Judge a safe by its weight

Steel is heavy and high quality safes with steel walls and doors are going to weigh a lot compared to weaker safes that are just made with composite metal or metal sheets. Another material that you need to lookout for is high density concrete based amalgamate—this is also very heavy and is the reason behind a gun safe being fireproof. Top quality safes made with high grade material are usually going to weigh at least three times more than those that are fake.

Stick with a UL approved lock

Check if the safe that you are going to use a UL approved Group 2 lock or above. There are three reliable lock producers which are Greenleaf, LaGard and Sargent. These makers ensure that the locks will last for decades without having any problems. If you go for a safe without UL approval, chances are it might be made from China that are affordable but highly undependable and fails easily.

Consider entry convenience

A gun safe that is not easy to open or gain access to is a safe that you most likely won’t use at all. Equipping your gun safe with an electronic lock can help you access it faster and easier. If you really want your safe to be convenient and safe, a biometric lock is what you need.