Popular Juices in Ireland

Juicing is a very good way to live a healthy and long life. It became popular because celebrities also promote it and assure people that it helps them become fit and sexy. Aside from looking young and gorgeous, juicing also provides health benefits that can help build your immune system for optimum health. By extracting the natural ingredients and nutrition from fruits and vegetables, you can make sure that your body is getting the best vitamins and nutrients that it needs to perform well.

There are many ingredients that you can “juice” and make tasty smoothies with. Almost all kinds of fruits, vegetables and leaves have juice that can be extracted from them. The popularity of juicing ingredients differs from place to place. If you are in Ireland, there are different types of juices that are popular among the locals. Here are some of the best and most delicious ones.

Super Juice – Kale | Spinach | Celery | Cucumber | Wheatgrass | Parsley

Kale’s benefits have been studied and proved to help prevent cancer because of its antioxidant contents called carotenoids and flavanoids. This juice is a perfect source of vitamin K which is very important because it keeps calcium in your bones and not in your arteries. Spinach and Wheatgrass provides plenty of vitamins, iron and folic acid and is rich with chlorophyll. It may be unknown to most people but Kale contains more iron than beef. The cucumber also provides water which will make you look young and is sure to make your skin and hair glow. A wheatgrass juicer can be used if you intend to juice only wheatgrass.

LIQUID LUNCH – Spinach| Cucumber| Avocado| Apple| Pineapple| Spirulina| Lime| Wheatgrass

This healthy and delicious juice contains Spirulina, a very nutritious micro water plant. It is rich in vegetable protein and multivitamins (especially vitamin B12) and has a lot of minerals like iron, potassium, magnesium sodium, phosphorus and calcium. This juice also has a high dose of Beta carotene that protects your cells and gamma linolein acid that can reduce cholesterol to lower chances of heart diseases.

UPBEET – Beetroot| Courgette| Broccoli| Carrots| Celery| Kale| Spinach| Ginger| Lemon| Cucumber| Apple| Parsley

This is a juice that is complete with everything that you need to have a healthy meal. Beet’s best advantage is betalain, an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory root that helps detoxification and may prevent cancerous activity. Beet juice is high in folic acid as well as manganese and is used to heal many types of illness. Courgette helps cleanse your internal organs and is best for quenching your thirst. Having high water content also means that this juice has anti aging benefits that is proven to improve your memory. Cartenoids will also help sharpen your vision and help you relax. An all-around juicer should be used and you can learn more about juicer products from this site.

ENERJUICE – Spinach| Apple| Celery| Cucumber| Lime| Pineappl|, Avocado

Spinach contains large amounts of iron and provides nourishment for the eyes as well as improves bone strength. It is also very helpful with your digestion and it helps ease constipation by protecting the stomach lining and detoxifying the colon. Celery is full of nutrition that hydrates the body and generate electrolytes to replace lost ones.