Archery Centers in Ireland

Taking up archery as a sport is a good choice because of its many benefits to children and adults alike. There are different types of archery equipment and accessories used in this sport but a beginner archer needs to only have a good set of bow that they can be comfortable with. Once you have a trusty bow to use, you are now ready to hone your skills and become better.

Target shooting is the best way to practice and improve your aim as an archer. Most archery clubs offer programs to help you improve your aim and bow handling skills. They also have a shooting range that you can use for practicing as well as equipment that you may need to become better at shooting. Some clubs have trainers that will give you pointers on what you are doing right and what you are doing wrong.

Choosing a good archery club is essential not only because you will be spending money to pay for the facilities. It’s also important because it will determine your fate in the sport. There are plenty of archery clubs in the country that provides great lessons to beginner archers to become better. Here are some examples of the famous archery clubs and the hotels that you can stay in near them.

A club or center that offers usage of different bows is better. This way you can maximize your experience in archery. Compound bows are commonly used and it’s good to know more about compound bows. Find out how it differs from recurve bows as well.

Kilmore Archery Centre

The owners Phoebe and Wellesley McGown have over 20 years of experience in almost all aspects of archery. They competed in many tournaments and have a collection of medals and trophies that they won in competitions. They developed an indoor archery range to help encourage people to try archery. They opened their business in 1998 and an additional outdoor range featuring a covered shooting bay was added in 1999. Later on, a 30 meter indoor range with 6 lanes was added in 2002.

If you are visiting Northern Ireland and you want to experience a grand stay, try checking in at the Newforge House. This 5 star Country House features beautiful gardens and green fields. It’s just a few minutes away from Kilmore Archery Centre which makes it the perfect place for you to stay if you want to shoot targets everyday.

Greenhills Archery

This is a target archery club based in the Tallaght Community School in Balrothery, Dublin. It was established in 1982 and became one of the biggest archery clubs in Ireland. This club was first made to be affiliated to World Archery and Archery Island but also has members in Irish Field Archery Federation. This club’s aim is to promote archery as a sport in Ireland.

When you are on a trip to Ireland and is taking part in one of the competitions that Greenhills Archery is sponsoring, the 4-star Bracken court hotel is the best place to stay in. It is located in the beautiful village of Balbriggan which is 30 minutes away from the centre of Dublin. The hotel offers free wifi, parking and newspaper daily. They also provide spacious room with beautiful décor and warm colors that you will surely love.