What Mattresses can Man to a Traveler in Ireland

uponamattressMany people travel to Ireland because of its beautiful landscapes and friendly people—not to mention their delicious ale. Travelers often spend a lot of time walking around to explore a country and enjoy its culture. Because of all the walking and tiring exploration, they mostly need a good place to rest and a good bed to sleep in. The best way for the body to recuperate is to have a good night’s rest on a quality mattress. Most tourists that go to Ireland knows how important it is to have a good bed to sleep in because Ireland is an ancient country and most budget inns don’t really have much to offer when it comes to mattresses. If you are wondering why mattresses are a big deal for travelers, here are the reasons why getting a good night’s sleep is good for you.

Sleep Keeps Your Heart Healthy

Stroke and heart attack commonly occur during early morning hours because of the way the sleep interacts with our blood vessels. Blood pressure and risk factors for heart diseases worsens because of lack of sleep. Studies show that your heart is going to be healthier when you always get a good 7 to 9 hours of sleep every night.

Sleep Reduces Stress

When you don’t have enough sleep, your body becomes stressed. Your blood pressure increases and the production of stress hormones is triggered when your body is put on high alert. This increases the chance of accumulating different heart diseases or stroke. The stress hormones also make it hard for a person to sleep. A good mattress will provide the correct relaxation for your body to slow down and relax.

Sleep Makes You More Alert

Travelling to a different country is not an easy task and a good night’s sleep makes you feel better and more energized so you are more alert when you wake up. Being active feels good and having enough exercise also gives you a good chance to get another good night’s sleep. This is a cycle that you should dive into for better health and more energy to do more activities.

Sleep Bolsters Your Memory

It’s important to have a sharp memory when you travel to a different country and researchers proved that a memory consolidation process occurs while we sleep. When you rest your body, your brain processes what happened to you during the day and makes connections on events, feelings and memories. Getting a good night sleep will increase your memory and make you remember and process things in a clearer way.

Naps Make You Smarter

During your travel, it’s also good to take naps in between trips. Napping helps protect your help and makes you more productive. People who take naps all the time shows to have lower levels of stress and lower risks of heart disease. It also improves cognitive functions and makes your mood better. Research have shown that it also makes your more intelligent because your memory is cleared and you can think quickly.

Archery Centers in Ireland

Taking up archery as a sport is a good choice because of its many benefits to children and adults alike. There are different types of archery equipment and accessories used in this sport but a beginner archer needs to only have a good set of bow that they can be comfortable with. Once you have a trusty bow to use, you are now ready to hone your skills and become better.

Target shooting is the best way to practice and improve your aim as an archer. Most archery clubs offer programs to help you improve your aim and bow handling skills. They also have a shooting range that you can use for practicing as well as equipment that you may need to become better at shooting. Some clubs have trainers that will give you pointers on what you are doing right and what you are doing wrong.

Choosing a good archery club is essential not only because you will be spending money to pay for the facilities. It’s also important because it will determine your fate in the sport. There are plenty of archery clubs in the country that provides great lessons to beginner archers to become better. Here are some examples of the famous archery clubs and the hotels that you can stay in near them.

A club or center that offers usage of different bows is better. This way you can maximize your experience in archery. Compound bows are commonly used and it’s good to know more about compound bows. Find out how it differs from recurve bows as well.

Kilmore Archery Centre

The owners Phoebe and Wellesley McGown have over 20 years of experience in almost all aspects of archery. They competed in many tournaments and have a collection of medals and trophies that they won in competitions. They developed an indoor archery range to help encourage people to try archery. They opened their business in 1998 and an additional outdoor range featuring a covered shooting bay was added in 1999. Later on, a 30 meter indoor range with 6 lanes was added in 2002.

If you are visiting Northern Ireland and you want to experience a grand stay, try checking in at the Newforge House. This 5 star Country House features beautiful gardens and green fields. It’s just a few minutes away from Kilmore Archery Centre which makes it the perfect place for you to stay if you want to shoot targets everyday.

Greenhills Archery

This is a target archery club based in the Tallaght Community School in Balrothery, Dublin. It was established in 1982 and became one of the biggest archery clubs in Ireland. This club was first made to be affiliated to World Archery and Archery Island but also has members in Irish Field Archery Federation. This club’s aim is to promote archery as a sport in Ireland.

When you are on a trip to Ireland and is taking part in one of the competitions that Greenhills Archery is sponsoring, the 4-star Bracken court hotel is the best place to stay in. It is located in the beautiful village of Balbriggan which is 30 minutes away from the centre of Dublin. The hotel offers free wifi, parking and newspaper daily. They also provide spacious room with beautiful décor and warm colors that you will surely love.

Where to Shop for Bows in Ireland

Archery is a very interesting sport that is highly entertaining which is why many people are drawn to it. Just like many sports, you need a weapon, in this case a bow, to participate in target shooting and hunting. The bow is going to serve as your best friend and will always accompany you when you’re out in the field to practice target shooting or when you’re good enough to start hunting. Finding a good bow is like discovering a great treasure so you must take time to consider and be patient enough to look for a good store.

In Ireland, there are different archery shops that offer different types of bows for amateurs and professionals alike. Shopping for a good bow in Ireland shouldn’t be a difficult task because archery is slowly becoming one of the most celebrated sports in the country. Archery doesn’t only give you a past time or a hobby, it also improves patience and focus which is very important especially for children. If you want to check out some neat bows, here are the stores to choose from.

Shooting Style

Shooting Style is an archery shop that showcases all kinds of top archery equipment and manufacturers. This shop goes all the way back to the early eighties and started in an attic in Coolock before moving to the North Circular Road and an old creamery. It again moved to Inchicore and finally settled in its current location in Summerhill Co Meath. The shop in Summerhill is the best place to practice archery because of the wide range of popular brands but it also provides a shooting are where you can hone your skills. Shooting Style’s top priority is to promote archery as a sport and offer friendly supportive services.

Archery Shop

This is the first Archery supply shop formed in Ireland. The owners David and Keith have been competing in every international event of all levels over the past 2 decades and they are the top archers in Ireland. They have over 40 years of experience and is aiming to provide you with the best equipment for all of your needs.

In 2010, Archery Shop came into a partnership with Alan Convery who is a top archer in Northern Ireland and is now ASI’s sales representative in that area. The company’s aim is to carry stocks to supply archers with goods when they need it. Although it’s not always possible, they still do everything that they can to help you get the bows and equipment that you need for the sport.

Active Hunting Ireland

This shop carries top of the line archery equipment like bows, targets, bow accessories and arrows. Active Hunting is a business that is run by a family that is passionate about archery. They carry a wide selection of archery equipments and supplies, targets and accessories to help you find what you are looking for. They also have an online shop that features all of the items that they are selling to make it easier for you to browse around.

If you’re looking into reading on reviews online for recurve bows, you can visit a lot of sites that can offer you comprehensive reviews on specific products. You can also find guides on how to shop for the right bow that is within your budget and for your level of expertise.

What to Look for In Hotel Gun Safes

Travelling means staying in hotels and having to abide by their in-house policies. However, there are times when guests have special needs or requests to be able to book a hotel room. One of these special requests is carrying firearms inside their hotel room for safety purposes. Some hotel rooms in Ireland allow their guests to carry their guns with them provided that they keep it inside their gun safes at all times.

Guns are considered as an investment because they can be very expensive. Because of this, a gun owner will require a high quality gun safe to store their guns in. If you are a gun owner and is planning to travel in Ireland, you may want to consider some points when choosing a quality gun safe.

Check for a thick solid steel door and walls

It’s very important that you choose a safe made with steel walls and doors of a specific thickness. You always want to make sure that your gun is safe from burglars and cannot be opened even by force. No matter how many protection features the safe has, if it fails in this area, it’s still not very reliable. The thickness of the steel door should at least be ½ inches thick for the door and the walls. Steel is expensive and heavy which is the reason why manufacturers are trying to substitute it with other materials. Try to look for the product description and see if the manufacturer lists the material used for their safes as solid steel. You should also be careful of sellers that only list the door thickness but not the material used to make it.

Judge a safe by its weight

Steel is heavy and high quality safes with steel walls and doors are going to weigh a lot compared to weaker safes that are just made with composite metal or metal sheets. Another material that you need to lookout for is high density concrete based amalgamate—this is also very heavy and is the reason behind a gun safe being fireproof. Top quality safes made with high grade material are usually going to weigh at least three times more than those that are fake.

Stick with a UL approved lock

Check if the safe that you are going to use a UL approved Group 2 lock or above. There are three reliable lock producers which are Greenleaf, LaGard and Sargent. These makers ensure that the locks will last for decades without having any problems. If you go for a safe without UL approval, chances are it might be made from China that are affordable but highly undependable and fails easily.

Consider entry convenience

A gun safe that is not easy to open or gain access to is a safe that you most likely won’t use at all. Equipping your gun safe with an electronic lock can help you access it faster and easier. If you really want your safe to be convenient and safe, a biometric lock is what you need.

Popular Juices in Ireland

Juicing is a very good way to live a healthy and long life. It became popular because celebrities also promote it and assure people that it helps them become fit and sexy. Aside from looking young and gorgeous, juicing also provides health benefits that can help build your immune system for optimum health. By extracting the natural ingredients and nutrition from fruits and vegetables, you can make sure that your body is getting the best vitamins and nutrients that it needs to perform well.

There are many ingredients that you can “juice” and make tasty smoothies with. Almost all kinds of fruits, vegetables and leaves have juice that can be extracted from them. The popularity of juicing ingredients differs from place to place. If you are in Ireland, there are different types of juices that are popular among the locals. Here are some of the best and most delicious ones.

Super Juice – Kale | Spinach | Celery | Cucumber | Wheatgrass | Parsley

Kale’s benefits have been studied and proved to help prevent cancer because of its antioxidant contents called carotenoids and flavanoids. This juice is a perfect source of vitamin K which is very important because it keeps calcium in your bones and not in your arteries. Spinach and Wheatgrass provides plenty of vitamins, iron and folic acid and is rich with chlorophyll. It may be unknown to most people but Kale contains more iron than beef. The cucumber also provides water which will make you look young and is sure to make your skin and hair glow. A wheatgrass juicer can be used if you intend to juice only wheatgrass.

LIQUID LUNCH – Spinach| Cucumber| Avocado| Apple| Pineapple| Spirulina| Lime| Wheatgrass

This healthy and delicious juice contains Spirulina, a very nutritious micro water plant. It is rich in vegetable protein and multivitamins (especially vitamin B12) and has a lot of minerals like iron, potassium, magnesium sodium, phosphorus and calcium. This juice also has a high dose of Beta carotene that protects your cells and gamma linolein acid that can reduce cholesterol to lower chances of heart diseases.

UPBEET – Beetroot| Courgette| Broccoli| Carrots| Celery| Kale| Spinach| Ginger| Lemon| Cucumber| Apple| Parsley

This is a juice that is complete with everything that you need to have a healthy meal. Beet’s best advantage is betalain, an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory root that helps detoxification and may prevent cancerous activity. Beet juice is high in folic acid as well as manganese and is used to heal many types of illness. Courgette helps cleanse your internal organs and is best for quenching your thirst. Having high water content also means that this juice has anti aging benefits that is proven to improve your memory. Cartenoids will also help sharpen your vision and help you relax. An all-around juicer should be used and you can learn more about juicer products from this site.

ENERJUICE – Spinach| Apple| Celery| Cucumber| Lime| Pineappl|, Avocado

Spinach contains large amounts of iron and provides nourishment for the eyes as well as improves bone strength. It is also very helpful with your digestion and it helps ease constipation by protecting the stomach lining and detoxifying the colon. Celery is full of nutrition that hydrates the body and generate electrolytes to replace lost ones.

Common House Pets in Ireland

There are many pets that you can choose from but the most common ones are dogs, cats, hamsters and rabbits. These cute furry creatures make our day brighter just by being cute and adorable. They also help release stress because they are constantly bringing joy to their owners. Because of these reasons, we all love our pets and would like to take them travelling with us. Leaving your pets behind can be very sad especially if you’ve grown attached to them.

Lucky for you, if you are travelling to Ireland there are many hotels that are pet friendly so you don’t have to worry about your pets getting stuck in a cage at home. Here are some of the best hotels that you can choose to spend time with your pets in.

The Twelve Hotel

This hotel found in Barna gives you pet friendly services that make sure that your best friend is able to experience a luxurious 4 star accommodation. All guests in The Twelve Hotel, including your pets, are welcome to try all kinds of excellent services and facilities. They provide a doggie bag for your furry ones and a Pet Concierge service in the lobby. The hotel features 2 suites that are also pet-friendly and larger than regular sized rooms. These suites are made to have more sitting rooms so your pet can feel more comfortable.

The Ardilaun Hotel

The Ardilaun is just one of the best hotels in the city that allows you to bring your cute and furry friends with you during your vacation. The rooms are adjacent to pretty gardens that can serve as playground for them when needed. The hotel also gives you a Doggy pack that has everything that you need for you and your pet’s stay. The only downside is that you need to provide for your pet’s food and bedding, however, other services and facilities are provided for.

Atlantic View B&B

This lovely bed and breakfast is near the historic Galway and has an overlooking view of the Galway Bay and beach as well as excellent views of the Burren Mountains and Aran Islands. It also has a pet friendly policy and is very accessible to the beach and the city centre. It features a sun balcony where you eat breakfast, free wifi as well as local and national calls and satellite TV.

Travelodge Hotel

The Travelodge offers affordable and comfortable suite bedrooms that are spacious enough to bring your pet along. If you are on a budget, the Travelodge is also the best place to get the best value for your money. It has a café bar that serves breakfast and dinner. There are complimentary tea and coffee maker inside every room as well as internet access.

Anno Santo Hotel

This is a budget hotel that is run by a family and is also very pet friendly. The Anno Santo has been around for three generations and gives friendly and helpful services to their guests from all around the world. It is located in Salthill near Salthill beach and other local parks. It is also just 30 minutes away from the beautiful Connemara.

Because these hotels allow pets to check in with their owners, it’s expected that these hotels have a special cleaning procedure for their rooms especially if they have carpeted rooms. A dedicated vacuum cleaner for pets is expected. You may inquire this from the hotel if you’re concerned about the cleanliness of the rooms. You could also prepare a handheld or portable vacuum cleaner if you’re very strict about pet hair cleaning.

Ireland Produce to Support the GM Diet

The GM diet is one of the most popular types of diet that are available today. This program was originally created by General Motors for their employees to maintain a healthy lifestyle and body. The 7 day program assures that a person can lose up to 15 pounds of excess weight. This is an amazing promise for a diet program and is unique to the GM diet. It is also the reason why this diet is the most popular one today.

The 7 day diet program involves eating fruits and vegetables to increase your fiber content and increase your metabolism. The fruits and vegetables that are recommended for this diet are ones that are low in calorie and sugar content. The beauty of the GM diet is that you can easily substitute the contents of every meal with fruits and vegetables that are available in the area that you’re living in.

If you are in Ireland, for example, there are plenty of fruits and vegetables that can be used to support the GM diet. Produce like artichokes, Irish spring cabbage, pumpkin, curly kale, tomatoes, leeks, cauliflower, butternut squash and carrots can be used to substitute for the usual list of vegetables incorporated in the GM diet. These vegetables are all rich in fiber and very nutritious which makes them well-suited for the GM diet’s meal plan.

There are also many fruits that are available in Ireland that will make perfect addition to the GM diet. Fruits like pears, kiwi, grapefruit, mangoes, oranges, bananas, apples, raspberries and pineapples are all going to complement the GM diet. With these healthy substitutes, you are still sure to hit your weight loss goals in 7 days. Although some of these fruits are sweet and might have high sugar content, they are still rich in fiber which makes them good for your metabolism and digestion.

The GM diet includes a special soup in the meal plan and this soup can be consumed at all times during the day. This soup makes sure that you don’t starve yourself while you are under the GM diet because you can eat as much as you want during the 7 day program. The soup is also made of vegetables mainly pepper to boost your metabolism. If you are in Ireland, you will find many types of peppers that can be used for the soup. Some of the peppers found in Ireland may not be too spicy for your taste. It is advised to use pepper with your soup to make sure that you reach that level of “hotness” that burns fats and increases metabolism.

The GM diet is a sure fire way to shake off those extra pounds that you may have gotten during a vacation or a getaway, but you have to be careful because you may not be able to maintain your weight loss after the 7 day program. Most people binge on the food that they missed during the 7 day program. As a result, they put on more weight than they’ve lost. You can also check out a version of the GM diet combined with yoga.